What is a 3D lamp?

Regular decorative lamps could be really boring. Especially if you have a high-tech and state-of-the-art house design, you would want to match that with equally modern-looking lights. 

Lucky for you, you can already ditch those boring lampshades and score a 3D illusion lamp!

What is a 3D Lamp?

3D LED lamps are not your ordinary table lamps. They are made of decorative acrylic panels in which designs are engraved through innovative 3D laser printing. They make use of LED strips, thus ensuring energy-saving, reliable bright lamps.

The combination of the acrylic panel, LED light, and 3D laser printing makes these 3D lamps look like hologram lamps. When fully lighted, it seems like your lamps are floating in thin air! And who doesn’t love a touch of future in their own room!

These 3D lamps are also the most flexible table lamps in terms of design. We can pretty much print any of our favorite cartoon characters, adorable pets, and photos of our loved ones into the 3D night-light. 

How to use a 3D Lamp?

In spite of their unique and innovative design, 3D lamps are very easy to use! They come with built-in batteries which can be plugged via USB cable. Power it up through your power bank, laptop, or use a regular adapter.

It also comes with a soft-touch remote control in which you can easily adjust its brightness and switch from one color to another. Who says an optical illusion lamp should be complicated?

How can a 3D Lamp be customized?

As if the features and functions of the 3D lamps are still not enough, they also come in customizable packages!

If you’d want to have a more unique version of a 3D lamp, you can easily send your manufacturer a photo and a short text to be engraved into the lamp via 3D laser printing. To maintain its high quality, it’s suggested that you use a clear and half-size photo for image designs. If it’s a group photo, the subject should not exceed 4 people. On the other hand, for the short message on the lamp base, it should not exceed 30 characters.

Through these personalized 3D lamps, you can literally light up your rooms with your fondest memories. Use your family portrait, wedding photo, or even your most-liked selfie on Instagram!

Where to buy a 3D Lamp?

Look no further. My3DLamp offers various personalized 3D lamps and ready-made ones. You can choose from our catalog which consists of animals, landmarks, love icons, music symbols,  sports, vehicles, spiritual, and many more!

Or if you’d want something really of your own, you can check out the 3D Drawing Lamp and Photo Printed 3D Lamp. Just check out the size that you desire, and send us the photo that you’d like to print.

Say goodbye to your traditional lamps and light up your house with these 3D lamps! enjoy these fun and functional lamps!