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my3DLamp is a top-notch home designing experts team dedicated to giving you no less than the best decorative lamps for your home. Our 3D lamps are meant to provide a modern and innovative feel to your homes, while our moon lamp collection will give you mesmerizing and serene aesthetics.

We want to make sure that all our customers would get the chance to live in their dream homes through our special decorative lamps.

Happy customers

I bought this one as a gift for my five year old son and he definitely loved it. He used to be irritable and restless at night so he can’t sleep really that early but this 3D lamp really calmed him down. Saw that at night he just stares at it peacefully until he drifts to sleep. This thing works like a charm!

Cynthia R.

I mean, who doesn’t love a bright 3D hologram lamp in their room right? It works as a lamp, yes, but it doubles like a toy which is definitely something all nerds out there could relate to... worth every penny!

Marcel T.

I was a little nervous that it won’t look as how it is in the pictures… but I was so surprised! It went really well with the modern sci-fi theme of my room. Definitely worth the purchase.

Morgan B.

I highly recommend this product! I bought it first for my home workstation but when I realized how energy efficient it is and how safe it looks (definitely never experienced any overheating on the light or the base panel at all), I also bought a couple more for my own room and my baby’s nursery.

Gwen M.